In 2005, after having spent many evenings viewing aircraft builder‘s websites and dreaming of building my own aircraft, I finally took the decision to visit Vans Aircraft in Aurora, Oregon.

Before I started to spend years on building my own plane, I wanted of course to be sure that the aircraft would be the right fit for me.

To make a long story short, the moment full throttle was applied in the RV-10 during take-off run I was sold. After the short demo ride  I knew that this is the beginning of a new adventure.

With this website I want to share my experience with other RV-10 builders as well as giving everyone the opportunity to follow my plane building progress.

WELCOME to Wellenzohn.net
 dream IT - BUILD IT - FLY IT

News from the airfield

My RV-10 is now flying for over three years and proved to be the reliable, save and comfortable travel machine I wanted her to be. We have taken the -10 to 13 countries (check out the map) so far, the efficiency of this airplane gives us the opportunity to reach lovely places in a reasonable amount of time.
There is a new Articles section of articles I wrote for the EAS in the Swiss AeroRevue magazine (german only)

All the years of drilling holes, pounding rivets, sanding etc. all pay off the moment you start the engine and  take off.